Rafael & Stefan | 20180821

About three weeks ago I had the honor of documenting Rafael and Stefan's big day. The ceremony was held at Solna Kyrka and the reception at Kräftan Värdshus. It was such a beautiful wedding with great atmosphere including lots of laughs, love and the occasional tears of joy. Thank you so much for having me guys, I had soo much fun!!

Street Photography & Urban Series | Jan 2018

These are my favourite images from Jan 2018.
Most of them shot around Arenastaden in Solna and a couple are from Helenelund/Kista where I used to work before.

Family Summer Vacation | Biarritz & San Sebastián


This photo story is looong overdue. Considering the circumstances with our baby boy Leo arriving 3 months early I've sure had other things on my plate. During the holidays however, I've finally had some time to cuddle with Leo everyday and go through the images from our summer vacation.

We'd talked about going away together for so long time so we were all so excited for this vacay. Also, this was the first time that we'd go on a family trip, so what better place to have as a destination if not for Biarritz! If you've read my posts in the past you'd know that wifey and I are well travelled and have put in many miles together. Biarritz and San Sebastián (and Barcelona of course) are the destination that we keep coming back to. These places are kind of like our away-from-home homes :)

Since we wanted to live together, we rented a house through our friend Sophia at Biarritz Living. They provide stylish, comfortable holiday homes with character in Biarritz’s best neighbourhoods, so make sure to check them out if you're ever going there. Then for a week we just hung out and enjoyed what the Basque country has to offer; awesome vistas, beautiful beaches, world class surfing, great food & service, super friendly locals and breath taking sunsets. 

Since we were in the Basque Country we also made sure to clear a couple of night for a visit to San Sebastián. As always we love this combo, so great that these two wonderful cities are just 1 hour apart. Also lovely meeting up with my amigo Ikeya and his friend Jon. Thanx guys so much for showing us the gems of your remarkable city. We had the night of a lifetime; muchas gracias chicos, fue una pasada. Jamás lo vamos a olvidar!!


Donostia | San SebastiÁn


Street Photography & Urban Series | The Autumn Sequence

It is with a great feeling of happiness, a lighter heart and an ease of mind that I draft up this post. It's been a hell of a ride. Didn't think I'd see the meaning in of scribbling down my thoughts on this digital notebook any time soon again. Let alone being out there shooting again.

The last couple of months has probably been the most challenging of our lives. Between the wifey setting up her own shop, me starting over to pursue a new career and our beautiful baby boy Leo arriving 3 months early we've been occupied indeed. Or rather barely managed to stay above the surface.

Since Leo as any premature baby needed some help getting through his first time out in the world we've spend the last 8 weeks at two different hospitals. Last week we finally got to come home and take our first steps towards a more "normal" subsistence. More on this in a separate blogpost. I've got so many images to share from Leos first 2 months.

Considering that we've spent a lot time apart from our lovely apartment (God knows I missed the kitchen and cooking a nice meal most) I have been finding myself passing through new urban spaces. And considering that I've needed to vent all the anxiousness and heavy emotions the camera has been a good friend of mine.

Below are my favourite images in a three part mini-series from the last couple of months.


Hagastaden & New Karolinska University Hospital in Solna


Fotoskolan Stockholm, Folkuniversitetet in the city center


Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge &
Areas around Flemingsberg centrum


Family Photo Session | The Eklunds at Gamla Stan

I did an introductory post about our friends the Eklunds a couple of months ago. Well, it's about time for them to guest star the blog again. This time including photos from a family photo session in Stockholm Old Town a couple weeks ago. I had so much fun doing this session and It's so easy for me as a photographer getting good shots when my subjects are this photogenic!

Have a look, aren't they super cute??

Throwback Tuesday | Hanging out with the Cappellaros

The summer is usually the high peak of photo opportunities for most people. For me this is also true, I guess the two biggest factors being that wifey and I are on vacation and travel a lot it's hard not to want to get out there with the camera. This year however was a bit different. We did some travelling but mostly spent the summer at home in Stockholm. Given the weather gods were on our sides we did have a hell of a nice summer. This included time spent with friends, family and also a couple of photo gigs for me! 

After four weeks of inactivity on this here blog, it's time to get back at it again 'cause I've got loads of images to share. First off a throwback to late springtime in May when we had the pleasure of spending time with the Cappellaros and I got the opportunity to shoot Edith on her soccer game. 

Hasta la vista, baby! ;)

Street Photography & Urban Series | The June Sequence

This late spring/early summer period has been a kind of layover period considering my Street Photography project. I've had other stuff that has needed my energy and attention. Nevertheless I had a few opportunities to go out and shoot. Here are my favourite images captured during the last month.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts including images from our family vacation to Biarritz and San Sebastián. Later!

Sebastian & Stella The Chronicles | Cuteness Overload!!

It's been a little over a year since the last post, but it's time again for me to share a collection of photos including my bestest buddies in the whole wide world!

These are my favourite moments captured of Sebastian aka. "Bullen" & Stella aka. "Patata" Englund from the last year.  <8

Mosquito Beach Party 2017

Last year was the first time we attended the Mosquito Beach Party event at Smedis. We had so much fun that this years National Day Celebration was auto-booked in beforehand. 
Even more people had joined compared to last year and fittingly enough this was the only day of the week that the sun blessed us with it's heavenly presence.

We sure did have a blast and I managed to snap away a bunch of images. 

Et Violà!!