Vernissage, Advent Mingel & Hurricane Henning | Sunday Get Together

By December, Sweden has very few hours of daylight. The first Sunday of Advent comes as an eagerly awaited sign that Christmas is approaching. Time to light the candles, heat up the mulled wine, or glögg, and get into the Christmas mood.

So this past Sunday, which was the first Advent of 2014, we’d planned a get together with friends & family at our place. The other occasion for this event was the exhibition of my photos, a vernissage if you will. I’d printed and framed 12 of my best photos to “showcase” for our guests.

It was really fun to see the photos displayed on big prints, and get to talk about them. I even got a couple of orders on some prints...yeaaay :)  

More importantly, we enjoyed spending the Sunday with our friends & family. So thank you guys for coming, it was a blast!

During the entire day I was so occupied with catching up and socializing so there was not much time for taking photos. Nevertheless after all the other guests had left, we had the pleasure of spending more time with our dear friends Jenny, Filippo and their super cute children Greta, Edith & Henning.

Henning, who is the youngest in the family, I bestowed with the nickname “The Hurricane”. This sweet little boy is by far the most energetic baby I’ve met in my life. Also, he's already a full-fledged climber. Living room tables, dining room tables, chairs or sofas, you name it, he will climb it!!

Here are some photos I had time to shoot by the end of the day. Other than being photogenic this family is the super-cute-&-smart-family that we love to spend time with!