Introducing My Cute Buddy | A sunny day at the playground

For a while I’ve been wanting to sort through and edit photos from my favourite moments of the past years.
You know how you always snap more photos -like a LOT more photos- than you actually do sorting through and processing them?

And then they sit there, all alone and uncared for, put in some dark folder, waiting for you to come back and visit them on a beautiful day?! 

Well not anymore. No way, José! 

I’ve finally put aside time to do some editing on my favourite family photos! :)
And I could not launch a series of family-photo-stories without introducing you to Sebastian.

Sebastian is my wife’s nephew. 
He’s also my cutest, best buddy in the whole wide world!
It’s always a joy spending time with him and we share many interests in common. Eating ice cream is definitely on top of that list!

Anyways, here are some photos from last year with me and my wife hanging out with our buddy at the playground.