The Getaway Trip With 2 Cherries on Top | Barcelona

Our summer tour in Biarritz, San Sebastián & Bilbao was coming to an end and it was time for us to head back to Stockholm.

During our last day in Bilbao, my wifey was doing what she does best while I was chilling on the armchair. That is texting her sister on WhatsApp, checking the weather forecast back home, asking me what she should wear to the upcoming wedding party while singing along to Adele on Spotify...Suddenly the singing stops, her face turns all disappointed and she’s like “Vad faaan?!?” (In English that would be something like “Oh Nooo!?!”).

It turns out that the weather back home was looking more like autumn during the coming last weeks of our vacation. So we did what any Swede probably was doing in that same moment; we started looking for a flight to somewhere more sunlit.

We decided to come back to Spain again, but this time to a location that we’d visited on several occasions before. A flight ticket to Barcelona was our way out of the grayish & rainy abyss that awaited us in Sweden.

We flew home on a Thursday, did a whole lot of laundry, repacked the suitcases, headed off to the wedding in Uppsala on Saturday and off to the airport on Sunday. And before we knew it, the sun was shining on our faces again while laying on our beach towels on the lovely Barceloneta and mannerly declining the “Cooca Coola, Fanta, Cerveeeza?!?” offer’s.

Also, it turned out that our friends Raber & Sara decided to go to Barcelona just a couple of days after our arrival. We had couple of awesome days together enjoying the nice weather on the beach, strolling around the city and of course wining & dining at our favourite restaurants in El Born and Rival.

I gotta say that having the company of the Shoshtari-Goniband-Amin’s really was the cherry on top for our getaway summer vacation. Thank you guys, it was a blast!!