Exploring Sweden | 2014 Summer Roadtrip Recap

I’ve had time to do more photo editing of my favourite moments from the past year.
In the spirit of continuing on the series started by my last post, I thought sharing a photo-story-recap of our roadtrip this past Summer.

Me and my wife Shams, had rented a car for a week with the idea of exploring a few locations along the coast south of Stockholm. So we packed a picnic kit for 5 days; blanket, groceries, cool box, thermos bottle, coffee, wine & chocolate.

The route we ultimately chose was Nynäshamn, Torö, Trosa, S:t Annas Skärgård.
These are all beautiful locations close to the Baltic Sea and the Southern Stockholm Archipelago.

We had a great time exploring these places, and really enjoyed being out more in nature.
Our final destination S:t Annas Skärgård was definitely our favourite spot.
If you never been there, then it comes highly recommended, especially if you like kayaking!

Here are some of the photos from our stay at S:t Anna’s.