Starting off the Summer in Uppsala | Nadia’s High School Graduation

The end of the school year is a time of joy & happiness since it usually marks the start off summer.  High School graduations however are somehow bittersweet. For all those seniors that have been looking forward to this day, it also means the end of an era.  At the same time it’s the beginning of something new, unknown, exciting yet sometimes scary.

You can see the same bittersweetness on the looks of all the parents. They’re happy at the same time sad.  The little birds are finally ready to go out there in the world and fly solo.

Last week me and my wife Shams celebrated her sister Nadia’s High School graduation at Fyrisskolan, Uppsala. I could see in all those faces what I felt 16 years ago. So much happiness, hope & excitement for what’s ahead.

So I wish you all of luck flying out there reaching for your dreams Nadia!