The Serious Eaters | Biarritz Part II

As usual when my wife and I travel, one of the major aspects of the destination is the food.

It goes without saying that we are serious eaters with refined interest in seeking out new culinary experiences as a hobby :)

I have a sweet spot for pastries & ice cream and she loves the salty stuff; like chips, popcorn and sunflower seed. Sunflower seed you may ask yourselves!? This is a custom much popular in the Middle East that needs an entire post to cover properly. Howsoever we share the same passion for Nutella…So in more than one way we complete each other!

Soooo… How did the eatery scene in Biarritz compare? Well I gotta say that this stylish coastal town, with all the cozy boulangerie, patisserie & crêperie’s scored high in our books! The only one drawback is that the prices match my appetite.

If you're looking for service minded- and to our surprise very good English speaking staff, fresh fish & seafood, divine French pastries and top quality coffee then you will not be disappointed in Biarritz!

The Chow