The Sunday Brunch | Biarritz Part III

I don’t know about you fellas, but I firmly believe that my wife could be an excellent secret agent or spy. Hell, not even Ethan Hunt would stand a chance! 

Don’t tell me that you don’t recognize any of these features;

  • She is aware of her surrounding at any one instance of her awakened state.
  • She is always observant and vigilant of “suspicious activity" and/or " suspicious people”.
  • One of the greatest tools in her arsenal is the ability to remember everything that has happened until today, and I mean everything! I’m at a great disadvantage here since I have the memory equivalent to a fish! (Much like the cute Dory in Finding Nemo).
  • She has a black belt in conflict management and has acquired the degree “Master of Science” in the art of texting 5 people simultaneously whilst discussing weekend plans with me and putting on nail polish.

In addition to all of this she is a great investigator/researcher and utilizes social media channels like Instagram to her tactical advantage. The latter of these abilities is sometimes used indirectly to my tactical advantage (hahaa!!).

So one day at home prior to our Biarritz trip, while I was chilling on the couch and thinking about absolutely nothing (yeah that’s my superpower!) she was using the force to track down places for us to visit in the vicinity of Biarritz.

That’s how we found about The Beach House. During our stay we made sure to plan a daytrip out to this restaurant/pool bar.

The Beach House is located just a few steps away from the beaches of Anglet at a neighboring distance of 3km to the iconic city of Biarritz. It’s advertized as a "culinary happiness house made to serve".

Here one can experience international culinary fusion curated in the heart of the basque country. The dishes are distinctly prepared with select, locally farmed produce and seafood.

If you’re in the area, make sure to try this place out. The Sunday brunch which we had comes highly recommended! 

The Beach House