The Emigrated Friend | Biarritz Part IV

During one evening my wife had made plans for us to meet up with a friend of hers who’d moved to Biarritz several years ago. We decided to get together at the Etxola Bibi bar known for its amazing sunset view overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Side note – Do you guys remember the “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” from SNL? 

Well, here’s my “Deep Thoughts” of the day: Why is it that women in general are better at keeping in touch with friends, colleagues and other connections? 

Even people they don’t meet very often they stay in touch with in some way. I wish I had this trait. On the other hand, I surely would have a huge phone bill. I think I would have to get an extra job just to pay the bills. But then again, when would I have time to see all my friends?”

Anyhow…The Etxola Bibi offers an unpretentious and relaxed ambience where one can mingle with the locals over dinner & drinks right on the street. I gotta say that it’s hard coming by a nicer view than provided at this location.

After a drink at the bar, my wife’s friend Sophia, her fiancée Youri and their cute daughter Siri gave us a tour of the city and showed us some of the hidden gems Biarritz has to offer.

Sophia runs her own business, Biarritz Living. So if you’re in the lookout for stylish and comfortable holiday homes in Biarritz’s best neighbourhoods make sure to get in touch with her. Here’s the link to the webpage and this one to the Facebook account. Biarritz Living offers tailored & multilingual expert service: they speak English, French, Swedish and Spanish.

It was a pleasure meeting you guys; hope to be seeing you soon again!

The "Etxola Bibi"