Mosquito Beach Party | National Day Celebration

This past Monday my wife & I met up with a bunch of friends to celebrate the Swedish National Day.
We packed our picnic baskets, put our shades on, got our groove on and set course towards the Mosquito Beach Party event at Smeduddsbadet.

The event had been advertised as a new kind of national day celebration including live music & dance performance. The organizers were hoping to attract even more people this year compared to the first event that was held in 2015. The Cosmopolitan Stockholmers were invited to celebrate the tradition of open-mindedness that Sweden is known for.

And boy let me tell was a blast!! 
Actually it might have been the most fun I've ever had on a Monday (Whaaaat?!?) Ok, Ok, I gotta admit that I've been looking forward to the past 7 Mondays and a fresh new episode of GOT rarely disappoints.

Anyhow, the saying goes, "Wherever there are friends, there is a party".
On this particular Monday we found ourselves stomping our feet, flapping our arms (ok I was mostly flapping...and stomping) and simply digging the great Latino inspired music surrounded by thousands of happy friends from all over the world that are proud to call Sweden their home.