Family Summer Vacation | Biarritz & San Sebastián


This photo story is looong overdue. Considering the circumstances with our baby boy Leo arriving 3 months early I've sure had other things on my plate. During the holidays however, I've finally had some time to cuddle with Leo everyday and go through the images from our summer vacation.

We'd talked about going away together for so long time so we were all so excited for this vacay. Also, this was the first time that we'd go on a family trip, so what better place to have as a destination if not for Biarritz! If you've read my posts in the past you'd know that wifey and I are well travelled and have put in many miles together. Biarritz and San Sebastián (and Barcelona of course) are the destination that we keep coming back to. These places are kind of like our away-from-home homes :)

Since we wanted to live together, we rented a house through our friend Sophia at Biarritz Living. They provide stylish, comfortable holiday homes with character in Biarritz’s best neighbourhoods, so make sure to check them out if you're ever going there. Then for a week we just hung out and enjoyed what the Basque country has to offer; awesome vistas, beautiful beaches, world class surfing, great food & service, super friendly locals and breath taking sunsets. 

Since we were in the Basque Country we also made sure to clear a couple of night for a visit to San Sebastián. As always we love this combo, so great that these two wonderful cities are just 1 hour apart. Also lovely meeting up with my amigo Ikeya and his friend Jon. Thanx guys so much for showing us the gems of your remarkable city. We had the night of a lifetime; muchas gracias chicos, fue una pasada. Jamás lo vamos a olvidar!!


Donostia | San SebastiÁn


Family Photo Session | The Eklunds at Gamla Stan

I did an introductory post about our friends the Eklunds a couple of months ago. Well, it's about time for them to guest star the blog again. This time including photos from a family photo session in Stockholm Old Town a couple weeks ago. I had so much fun doing this session and It's so easy for me as a photographer getting good shots when my subjects are this photogenic!

Have a look, aren't they super cute??

Throwback Tuesday | Hanging out with the Cappellaros

The summer is usually the high peak of photo opportunities for most people. For me this is also true, I guess the two biggest factors being that wifey and I are on vacation and travel a lot it's hard not to want to get out there with the camera. This year however was a bit different. We did some travelling but mostly spent the summer at home in Stockholm. Given the weather gods were on our sides we did have a hell of a nice summer. This included time spent with friends, family and also a couple of photo gigs for me! 

After four weeks of inactivity on this here blog, it's time to get back at it again 'cause I've got loads of images to share. First off a throwback to late springtime in May when we had the pleasure of spending time with the Cappellaros and I got the opportunity to shoot Edith on her soccer game. 

Hasta la vista, baby! ;)

Sebastian & Stella The Chronicles | Cuteness Overload!!

It's been a little over a year since the last post, but it's time again for me to share a collection of photos including my bestest buddies in the whole wide world!

These are my favourite moments captured of Sebastian aka. "Bullen" & Stella aka. "Patata" Englund from the last year.  <8

Mosquito Beach Party 2017

Last year was the first time we attended the Mosquito Beach Party event at Smedis. We had so much fun that this years National Day Celebration was auto-booked in beforehand. 
Even more people had joined compared to last year and fittingly enough this was the only day of the week that the sun blessed us with it's heavenly presence.

We sure did have a blast and I managed to snap away a bunch of images. 

Et Violà!!

The Picture Perfect Family | Introducing The Eklunds

I've been wanting to share a photo story about our friends the Eklunds for a while now. After our last rendezvous I felt that I got away with enough material to make their introduction on the blog justice. 

It's always such a pleasure hanging out with this picture perfect family. Whenever we're invited to Jennifer and Richards beautiful home it feels like entering a interior design magazine. On top of this they are wonderful hosts and always prepare super delicious food for us all to enjoy. On this particular Sunday, the sun was shining vigorously (no pun intended) and we as everyone else in the northern hemisphere bathed in hopes of restitution of the ever absent Springtime. The light illuminated everything just at that right angle...I'll let the images speak for themselves...

Thank you guys for having us over (again) and kiss the girls for us!!

Family Photo Session | Alissa

A couple weeks back I had a family photo session booked with the lovely Sara, Raber and their super cute bundle of joy Alissa. They were really well prepared and already had ideas on what type of shots they wanted us to capture during the session...peeerfect!!

We had much fun with loads of laughs and shot for about an hour straight. Alissa a.k.a. "Kishmish" did a fantastic job of (almost) sitting still and looking in to the camera...also good job mommy for saving the day and managing to intervene whenever balance became an issue.

Below are some of my favourite images from the shoot. Later!

About feeling inspired and seeking for the extraordinary in the mundane

I thought that this was going to be easy. To put down what had inspired me, sparked my enthusiasm so immensely recently for creating and, longing to continue putting a part of me out there in the discrete digital universe through the art of visual story telling.

I now realize that I have to give you some context, take a couple step back, so... Ever since I got hooked on the art of photography I've aspired to create images with that WOW factor. On the path towards that goal, my mission has been to learn as much as possible about all aspects of the game; gear, technique, preparation, visualization, composition, post processing etc.

I absorbed every little piece of information I could find, I read tutorials, reviews, blogs and early on found myself being pulled toward the slower genres of photography, i.e. landscape, seascape and cityscape. If I would name one photographer that inspired me most then it's without a doubt Elia Locardi. He's work and journey is a HUGE inspiration to me.

The thing is that for these type of images I wanted to create, I was confined to the times of day around either sunrise or sunset. But I embraced the laws of physics. I would barley shoot at other times of the day. What kind of self respecting photographer would want to make an image in the middle of the day? This was my default approach unless away on a vacation. Until not long ago when I started feeling that same pull as before but now towards Street Photography. The source of inspiration this time was Vancouver based Ian MacDonald. Around the same time I made the switch from my Canon fullframe DSLR system to the smaller and much more sexy mirror-less Fujifilm system. The result; a lighter and less conspicuous system including great IQ, manual control and awesome retro look. Now I had my camera with me at all times and was able to be out there shooting at any time of the day, it was soo liberating!  

I don't remember how, but recently I happened to stumble upon a blog that has made me open my eyes to yet other forms of story telling. Patrick La Roque, who's imagery and the way he expresses himself  makes me keep coming back to read yet another of his masterpieces. To be able to turn any mundane and ordinary moment into a visual fiesta and a compelling story, that is the direction I feel I want to be taking my story telling. 

With that prequel, here's the first photo series in my approach to share my mundane and ordinary moments with you guys. 


07:17 Saturday Morning.
View from the Kitchen Window.

Breakfeast. Mother-in-law. Deep Conversation.

09:45. Kitchen Window again.
Time for me to hit the shower. I'm off to Gothenburg at noon.

Merry Christmas!!

I'm a tad late on this here blogpost...just a taad. Yeah, I know. It's crazy how time flies when you're out there knocking down shots of Jose Cuervo. But hey, better late then never, right?! 

Anyhow, just wanted to take this here opportunity and wish you all, my digital friend-o's, a merry Christmas and a happy new year!! 

Here are some of my favourite moments of last years' shenanigans. Ho Ho Ho!!

Sebastian & Stella The Chronicles | Cuteness Overload!!

During the past days I've been going through unprocessed photos of my buddies Sebastian & Stella from the last couple of years. 
It always makes me so happy to look at moments shared together with these two cupcakes. They are the sweetest most adoring two little people that I know in the whole wide world!!

So without further ado, these are my favourite never before posted photos of Sebastian aka. "Bullen" & Stella aka. "Patata" Englund.

Mosquito Beach Party | National Day Celebration

This past Monday my wife & I met up with a bunch of friends to celebrate the Swedish National Day.
We packed our picnic baskets, put our shades on, got our groove on and set course towards the Mosquito Beach Party event at Smeduddsbadet.

The event had been advertised as a new kind of national day celebration including live music & dance performance. The organizers were hoping to attract even more people this year compared to the first event that was held in 2015. The Cosmopolitan Stockholmers were invited to celebrate the tradition of open-mindedness that Sweden is known for.

And boy let me tell was a blast!! 
Actually it might have been the most fun I've ever had on a Monday (Whaaaat?!?) Ok, Ok, I gotta admit that I've been looking forward to the past 7 Mondays and a fresh new episode of GOT rarely disappoints.

Anyhow, the saying goes, "Wherever there are friends, there is a party".
On this particular Monday we found ourselves stomping our feet, flapping our arms (ok I was mostly flapping...and stomping) and simply digging the great Latino inspired music surrounded by thousands of happy friends from all over the world that are proud to call Sweden their home.

Introducing My Homie Carl | Riga Wknd Trip

I’ve done a couple of posts about my buddy Sebastian & his baby sister Stella before. Now it’s time to introduce their equally cute dad Carl, or as we would say in my neck of the woods “Baba Carl”.

Carl is married to to my wife’s sister Lara, so that makes him my brother in law. In addition to being in-laws, Carl & I share a lot of common interests. As with Sebastian, eating ice cream is definitely on top of that list!
Since we’d never travelled together we decided to go to Riga for a couple of days. We did some sightseeing, took some photos, had some nice food & pasteries and partied 2 nights in a row. Then came the third day…aaand so did the hangover, so we went to the movies instead.

Here are some my favourite shots from the trip.
Always a pleasure Carl!!

Starting off the Summer in Uppsala | Nadia’s High School Graduation

The end of the school year is a time of joy & happiness since it usually marks the start off summer.  High School graduations however are somehow bittersweet. For all those seniors that have been looking forward to this day, it also means the end of an era.  At the same time it’s the beginning of something new, unknown, exciting yet sometimes scary.

You can see the same bittersweetness on the looks of all the parents. They’re happy at the same time sad.  The little birds are finally ready to go out there in the world and fly solo.

Last week me and my wife Shams celebrated her sister Nadia’s High School graduation at Fyrisskolan, Uppsala. I could see in all those faces what I felt 16 years ago. So much happiness, hope & excitement for what’s ahead.

So I wish you all of luck flying out there reaching for your dreams Nadia!

Coaster Car Land in Nykvarn | Day trip with Sebastian

So it’s time for another post with my cute & bestest buddy in the whole wide world!
I don’t know if you know this, but at his spare-time Sebastian enjoys tinkering on his lavish set of toys. 

Most of these collector items are imported by his equally cute dad when he's away at business trips to Japan. Sports cars, motorcycles, buses, tractors, trains, airplanes & choppers. You name it, he’s got it!!

For his birthday my wife came up with a great present. 
She’d found this place called Lådbildslandet just outside of Stockholm.
They’ve got a bunch of different tracks where kids from the age of 3-9 can ride all kinds of coaster vehicles with real engines!

So a couple of weeks ago, we took Sebastian out on a day trip to the coaster car land.
We were really impressed by how quick he and the other kids learned to drive the cars & bikes.
It was really fun at the same time a bit strange too see so many little people out on the tracks. 

Anyhow, here are my favourite photos from the trip.

Introducing Stella | Sebastian’s Birthday Party

You remember my cute buddy Sebastian, right? Well his third birthday was a couple of weeks ago.
Other than that, he’s been going through some dramatic yet exciting changes lately. 
The big news is that 2 weeks prior he’d become a big brother!

So I’d like to introduce you to Stella, the latest addition to the now even cuter Englund family.
She’s 4 weeks old, enjoys her daily long naps and loves to cuddle up on the couch with a bottle of warm milk formula.

We had a great day hanging out at the Englunds’ with the rest of the family, Sebastian and the new bundle of joy! 

Here are some of the photos from the birthday party.

Family Get Together | Gothenburg Wknd Trip

I moved from my parents’ in Gothenburg during the fall of 1999…aaand just realised that 16 years has passed - 16 years people!!

Anyhooow. I’ve probably always been back to my mom’s saffron odorous kitchen during the weekend of March 21. Well the reason is that the Persian New Year “Norouz” usually occurs around this date.

So being the most important holiday for us we try to get the family together.
The special thing about this year was that my sister Rei had returned back to live in Sweden after 4 years abroad in Cape Town! We were all happy to have Rei and her husband Keenon present and it really made this years Norouz the best ever!

It was also a blast hanging out with my brother Radin & his fiancé Sofia during the weekend. Thank you guys for having us over :)

Last but not least, thank you Rahimeh & Rasool for the great food, the amazing homemade pastries, the gifts, the great stories and all the laughs. Love you!!

Here are my favourite shots from the weekend.

Introducing My Cute Buddy | A sunny day at the playground

For a while I’ve been wanting to sort through and edit photos from my favourite moments of the past years.
You know how you always snap more photos -like a LOT more photos- than you actually do sorting through and processing them?

And then they sit there, all alone and uncared for, put in some dark folder, waiting for you to come back and visit them on a beautiful day?! 

Well not anymore. No way, José! 

I’ve finally put aside time to do some editing on my favourite family photos! :)
And I could not launch a series of family-photo-stories without introducing you to Sebastian.

Sebastian is my wife’s nephew. 
He’s also my cutest, best buddy in the whole wide world!
It’s always a joy spending time with him and we share many interests in common. Eating ice cream is definitely on top of that list!

Anyways, here are some photos from last year with me and my wife hanging out with our buddy at the playground.

Vernissage, Advent Mingel & Hurricane Henning | Sunday Get Together

By December, Sweden has very few hours of daylight. The first Sunday of Advent comes as an eagerly awaited sign that Christmas is approaching. Time to light the candles, heat up the mulled wine, or glögg, and get into the Christmas mood.

So this past Sunday, which was the first Advent of 2014, we’d planned a get together with friends & family at our place. The other occasion for this event was the exhibition of my photos, a vernissage if you will. I’d printed and framed 12 of my best photos to “showcase” for our guests.

It was really fun to see the photos displayed on big prints, and get to talk about them. I even got a couple of orders on some prints...yeaaay :)  

More importantly, we enjoyed spending the Sunday with our friends & family. So thank you guys for coming, it was a blast!

During the entire day I was so occupied with catching up and socializing so there was not much time for taking photos. Nevertheless after all the other guests had left, we had the pleasure of spending more time with our dear friends Jenny, Filippo and their super cute children Greta, Edith & Henning.

Henning, who is the youngest in the family, I bestowed with the nickname “The Hurricane”. This sweet little boy is by far the most energetic baby I’ve met in my life. Also, he's already a full-fledged climber. Living room tables, dining room tables, chairs or sofas, you name it, he will climb it!!

Here are some photos I had time to shoot by the end of the day. Other than being photogenic this family is the super-cute-&-smart-family that we love to spend time with!