The Untamed Islands | Lofoten, Norway

We returned from our lovely Italy voyage on a Thursday and the plan was to head back out on the road again two days later. There in between we made time for a couple washing machine batches, changes of outfits from summer to winter clothes and most importantly spent time with the Englund family whom we always miss dearly whilst away from home.

On the Saturday we flew from Stockholm to Kiruna, got the rental car, made a run for a whole lot of groceries and drove towards Lofoten. 8 hours later we had arrived at our final destination Reine.

We spent a week in Lofoten with our base in Reine visiting the surrounding locations such as Sakrisøya, Hamnøy, Henningsvær, Uttakleiv Beach and Rambergstranda. We loved every minute of being at this rare wilderness outpost!!

The Lofoten Islands are draped across the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle and offer an unlimited landscape of majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long, surf-swept beaches.

If you are seeking unforgettable nature experiences, Lofoten will definitely not let you down. Due to the area’s diverse landscape, you can go hiking, skiing, fishing, ocean rafting or scuba diving. Lofoten is also one of Norway’s best sites for surfing, and one of the world’s northernmost.

Fishing has been, and still is, to a degree, the reason why people have lived here and the region is known for its many small fishing villages. Here, you can as we did stay in a Rorbu – an old fishermen’s cabin.

The rapidly changing weather and magnificent light conditions have inspired artists and drawn them to this area for several decades, which is an absolute dream for any landscape photographer as myself.

This trip is by far the most adventurous vacation we’ve done so far and experiences we gathered are unparalleled for us. If I may quote my good friend Arnie, I’ll (most definitely will, many, many at times) be back!! 

Sweet Summer Memories | Sailing in the Archipelago

As the days go by and the darkness lingers longer every day I try to find energy for that loss of B vitamin somewhere else. A walk during lunch time when those precious rays of light still shine upon ones face is an efficient way for instance. Another source of vigor for me in the constant darkness is looking through photos of those sweet summer days.

If even just for a moment putting yourself back into a scene where the gentle summer breeze caresses your skin while you without a care in the world keep sipping on that frozen strawberry margarita and enjoying the good company of friends and family.

This short journey down memory lane is some sort of conscious mirage that enables me to find that something extra when the wind howls outside and there ain’t nottin’ but rain according to the weather forecast.

The photos from our two day sailing trip in the Stockholm Archipelago are a good example of where I’d like to go back in my imaginary time machine.

Jenny & Tobbe invited us to tag along with them on their boat during a weekend in august. We loved every minute of that experience and it’s mostly thanks to the good company of our captain and co-pilot. Thank you so much guys, it was a real treat!!

Exploring Sweden | 2014 Summer Roadtrip Recap

I’ve had time to do more photo editing of my favourite moments from the past year.
In the spirit of continuing on the series started by my last post, I thought sharing a photo-story-recap of our roadtrip this past Summer.

Me and my wife Shams, had rented a car for a week with the idea of exploring a few locations along the coast south of Stockholm. So we packed a picnic kit for 5 days; blanket, groceries, cool box, thermos bottle, coffee, wine & chocolate.

The route we ultimately chose was Nynäshamn, Torö, Trosa, S:t Annas Skärgård.
These are all beautiful locations close to the Baltic Sea and the Southern Stockholm Archipelago.

We had a great time exploring these places, and really enjoyed being out more in nature.
Our final destination S:t Annas Skärgård was definitely our favourite spot.
If you never been there, then it comes highly recommended, especially if you like kayaking!

Here are some of the photos from our stay at S:t Anna’s.