Mixing Business With Pleasure | The Gothenburg Sequence

A couple weeks ago I needed to do some work from the company offices in Gothenburg. Whilst there I also managed to squeeze in some quality time on the streets with my X-Pro2.

You know it makes sense that they call this city "Little London" because the default forecast is super-windy and freaking grey and rainy weather. However, I did make a point to out-brave the dull canvas that I had at my disposal, set my film simulation to ACROS and went to town. 

Below is a 2 part sequence of what I got away with.

Hasta la próxima!



Family Get Together | Gothenburg Wknd Trip

I moved from my parents’ in Gothenburg during the fall of 1999…aaand just realised that 16 years has passed - 16 years people!!

Anyhooow. I’ve probably always been back to my mom’s saffron odorous kitchen during the weekend of March 21. Well the reason is that the Persian New Year “Norouz” usually occurs around this date.

So being the most important holiday for us we try to get the family together.
The special thing about this year was that my sister Rei had returned back to live in Sweden after 4 years abroad in Cape Town! We were all happy to have Rei and her husband Keenon present and it really made this years Norouz the best ever!

It was also a blast hanging out with my brother Radin & his fiancé Sofia during the weekend. Thank you guys for having us over :)

Last but not least, thank you Rahimeh & Rasool for the great food, the amazing homemade pastries, the gifts, the great stories and all the laughs. Love you!!

Here are my favourite shots from the weekend.